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Restoring Old Sports Cars: Seeking Parts

The sports cars from your youth may not be manufactured anymore, but there are plenty of them in circulation around the country. If you locate one of these cars, you might jump at owning it, only to learn afterward that it needs more work than you thought. Don't worry; used auto parts are also obtainable. You just have to try searching in any of these areas:

Car Shows

Shows held throughout the year bring together fans, owners, mechanics, and others in one place. Whether you're at a show for the hottest new sports cars or one for aging antiques, you're around people who can get you in touch with used parts. Whether you discuss engines with another owner while in line for a burger or chat with a mechanic helping with one of the show cars, the connections you make will be fruitful. 

Online Forums, Auctions, and Retailers

The internet is a miracle for old sports car owners who want to restore their fast cars to glory. Many discussion forums provide a chatting space for people to talk about all things related to their vehicles. You can sign up to be a poster in some forums, of course, but even more wisely, you may want to run some searches for existing posts that relate to the search for relevant parts. Forum members are happy to "meet" another owner and may point you toward the vendors you need. They might even have parts to trade with you.

Forum members may sometimes suggest online auctions for different parts. If you partake in any current auctions, read descriptions thoroughly and pay attention to interstate shipping and other costs. Understand return policies.

Forum acquaintance will also have information on reputable, trustworthy used part retailers that could carry parts for your particular sports car. They may even have access to some coupon codes.

Salvage Yards

While many people are working on old sports cars, other people just haul them off to a local yard for salvage. If these yards have something you want, you might need to get into the vehicle and take out the components yourself in some locations. These yards are very affordable, but they can sometimes provide false hope.


Your local mechanic could be sitting on a few used parts that are compatible with your old car. Call them to see if they can help.

Hunting for parts can be a challenging, fun aspect of owning your sports car. Seek retailers, mechanics, and friends who can be team members on your quest for parts. Contact a used car parts shop for more information and assistance.