Understanding Automotive Issues

Transmission Don'ts And Warnings

Your transmission is one of the most expensive things on your car to repair, so it's important to keep it working properly. Know what things you should avoid that will hurt your transmission and the indications of a problem with your transmission so you can avoid problems and make repairs when necessary.

Things That Hurt Your Transmission

1. Poor driving habits. 

Some people enjoy driving quickly and changing gears quickly. But when you change your gears with a high RPM, you are endangering your transmission. 

2. Failing to change oil and coolant

Regular maintenance is not something you can ignore. Learn how often you are supposed to change the oil and coolant in your car and keep up with the recommended schedule. 

3. Towing past your vehicle's capacity

If you use your vehicle to tow other vehicles, pay close attention to your car's weight limit. Towing a vehicle that is too heavy will put unnecessary strain on your transmission. 

4. Ignoring leaks and problems while shifting

When you notice something odd, you may want to ignore it. This will only cost you more frustration and money later. If you notice a leak or another problem, get to a mechanic that does transmission repair immediately to keep your vehicle in good shape. 

5. Letting transmission fluid get low

Keep your transmission fluid (and all other fluids) properly filled. It's also important to use the correct type of transmission fluid for your car. There are synthetic fluids, HFM fluids, dexron/mexron fluids, and F fluids. Check with your car's owner's manual or ask your mechanic which type of fluid you need for your transmission. 

6. Driving a manual incorrectly

Manual transmissions require specific training. People who are learning or people who don't know how to drive a manual transmission car correctly will ruin the transmission and the clutch with bad driving habits. Don't drive a car that you don't know how to drive. 

Signs of a Problem

Leaking transmission fluid indicates a transmission problem. Your car has many fluids in it, but you will know that it's the transmission fluid by its rustic red color. If the transmission fluid appears much darker, the transmission is overheating. When you don't have enough transmission fluid, you will also notice that your car stalls at stop signs and red lights but turns back on right away. 

You also know you have a problem when you notice weird noises or hesitation when shifting gears. Pay attention to how your vehicle drives--particularly when stopping and changing gears.