Understanding Automotive Issues


Transmission Don'ts And Warnings

Your transmission is one of the most expensive things on your car to repair, so it's important to keep it working properly. Know what things you should avoid that will hurt your transmission and the indications of a problem with your transmission so you can avoid problems and make repairs when necessary. Things That Hurt Your Transmission 1. Poor driving habits. 

Driving Around On Expired Tags? Why You Should Renew Your Registration As Soon As Possible

When it comes to registering your car, it can be tempting to procrastinate, especially if you're on a budget. When you're facing a tight budget, you can think of a lot better things than your vehicle registration to spend your money on. Unfortunately, if you don't register your car before it expires, you could be facing some serious penalties. Here are four potentiall

Custom Glass Replacement In Classic Cars Or Trucks

If you have ever had a windshield replaced in your car, you know that amount of work that goes into it. It is a big job and requires special tools to do it correctly. But what about a classic car or truck? If you have a classic ride that needs glass, you may have wondered where or how that glass is going to found. Well, you are in luck because the search is not as har

3 Features Of Pro-Quality Fuel Additives For Your Vehicle

Treating your vehicle with a little TLC is one of the things you can do as an owner to keep it running well for the long term. There are all kinds of ways to be kind to the car or truck you drive every day, and adding fuel additive products on occasion is just one of them. While fuel additives can be found at an automotive store that promise a lot of things, what you

Restoring Old Sports Cars: Seeking Parts

The sports cars from your youth may not be manufactured anymore, but there are plenty of them in circulation around the country. If you locate one of these cars, you might jump at owning it, only to learn afterward that it needs more work than you thought. Don't worry; used auto parts are also obtainable. You just have to try searching in any of these areas: Car Shows